Great Offers

hair color30 dinars + free blow dry (for medium hair)
Hair dye + hair 50 dinars (for medium hair)
Fair or Wave 15 dinars + free hair treatment (for medium hair)
Hair cut 9 dinars + free eyebrows
Sugar for the entire body 15 dinars + belly and Dahr
All 3 female escorts (makeup + hair) 15% خصم discount on all services provided
Eyebrows Henna 3 dinars
Facial skin 15 dinars (the best masks and creams)
Crystal (session treatment for hair with individual) 100 dinars + free conditioner (for medium hair)
Pedicure + Manicure 10 dinars with color or French 12 dinars
Extension Gel + Gel Color of 50 dinars + free pedicure and manicure
Extension gel + regular color, 40 dinars + free pedicure and manicure
Extension Gel + French Gel 55 BD + Free and Manicure

Merchant Name
Jawana Salon
Store Name
Jawana Salon
Store Type
Al Noor Commercial Center, Siqelya St 16, Amman, Jordan
Start Date
2020-03-10 00:00:00
End Date
2020-03-31 00:00:00