Breakfast Offer

Served from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm Includes:• Per person for only 5 JD including tax - Manoucheh thyme and cheese + tea + shisha •• For two people only for the price of 10 dinars inclusive of service and tax - Manoushe cheese and thyme.- chickpeas.- Bean .- Pottery omlet (cheese) or vegetables.- Labneh.- Oil and thyme.- diffrent greens .- 2 tea** In addition Shisha• Cushions Breakfast Basket (4 persons for only 20 JOD inclusive of service and tax)- Thyme Manoushe + Cheese Manfoucheh.- Omelet (cheese) or vegetables.Pottery Frying Tomato.- Fakhara chicken liver with pomegranate molasses.- Hot Dog Pottery with Vegetables.- Homs pottery + bean pottery + mixed vegetables- 4 tea- 2 crepes** In addition Shisha.

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Cushions Lounge
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Cushions Lounge
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Majalli Center, Ghaznah St 2, Amman, Jordan
07 9700 1579
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